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Website Content is King There is no substitute for quality copy writing

People don't read websites the same way they read printed material.Be short, simple and organised

Writing web content takes a totally different approach compared to writing for print media, and very often text copy that is provided for a web site is unsuitable. What it generally provides is a foundation for purposeful professional copy writing.

We can advise and help with copy writing your content to help get your message across without confusing your visitors, or overwhelming them with too much information.

Our outsource content copywriters always produce clear, compelling and concise content for your website to incite visitor action and meet your online business objectives.

Without these elements web users actions will be characterised in 3 ways:

1. Website visitors are active not passive - If they don't like what they see or read - Click.. and they are gone.

2. Generally,the longer the text, the less likely they are to read it — and the faster they'll scan it.

3. They don't believe hype. They need a balance of image, content and a feeling of security – or good bye!

To be totally effective, your web copy must take these characteristics into account.

Better results, on any site, can be achieved with a "Content Tune-up"

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