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Website Quality Assurance Future Guaranteed - W3C Design Standards

Webtune is a 100% Standards Compliant Design Company.Website Quality Assurance of the Future

Today, Web Standards are getting a lot of attention as developers are recognising it's importance in the web design world. Imagine if you'd bought a new car that came with 137 minor faults and, although your shiny new car goes, those faults stop you getting the best performance - you wouldn't be very happy!

You only have a few seconds if not milli seconds to impress your visitors, so slow or broken web sites will turn them away for sure! So we build our sites using advanced coding practices such as Strict XHTML and CSS and implement checks for readability, usability and accessibility.

Using the web standards recommended by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is the core of web design that means your sites pages are optimised for the best performance.

On completion your site will receive official validation and give you confidence that the job was "done properly".

Web accessibility and design standards compliance now play an essential role in this competitive world. They are not a luxury anymore. Ignore them at your expense!

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