We are now No.1 in Google on important keywords. In 6 months we have gone fom no new visitors to 900 a month
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We now get enquiries from all over the world
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Rent a Website - Save time, money and get results Conserve working capital and save with website rental

Small business stimulus packages - Webtune styleNow, there is no excuse not to have a great website!

Our innovative rental option bridges the gap between needs and affordability to help businesses put their best foot forward.

The concept of renting a website is similar to rental or lease of business equipment - but without the finance applications.

Webtune Rentals can now give you the site you want and need without the usual capital outlay - and no comprise in quality.

Why rent a site as an option?Apart from the fact that all of the hard work is done by us

That’s easy to answer – because it makes good business sense.

This option also GUARANTEES service- either we deliver a rich web presence that gets results or you cancel. It’s that simple!

What does online rental solution cost?

For a website to rank well in search engines and be useful to visitors, we recommend a minimum of “5 Good Pages”.

The example above costs less than $20 a week with flexibility to add pages and features such as shopping carts, newsletters and blogs at incremental costs as you need them.

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